non edited works

solo Clarinet
emission "tapage nocturne" de Bruno Letort 12 février 2009

Contest of pleasures record in Albi by laurent Sassi
John Butcher - sax Soprano and ténor
Xavier Charles - clarinet
Axel Dörner - trompet

Exercice Radio brabant just a radio and protools ...

SpeAkeR TriO - Live in tokyo - Kid ailack - 26-04-2005
Taku Unami, computer + speakers
Tesuya Umeda, speakers, mechanical machines, radios, motors etc ...
Xavier Charles, generators, amplis, speakers

Duo Jean-Philippe Gross / xavier Charles
record at home in Brabant sur Meuse

film court - surfaces vibrantes


extrait de la musique oncle vania de tchekov -